Personal Advisory Services

45-Minute Consultation

  • Do you have questions about how to combine certain study programs?
  • Are you unable to decide between the various options?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your studies and looking for alternatives?
  • Have you been excluded from your study program and want to discuss your options?


We can offer you a personal consultation on your choice of study program in order to clarify where you stand in the decision process and to plan the next steps. The primary aim is to understand your situation and to develop strategies for new perspectives that will allow you to decide what to do next. We will help you determine which information is relevant for choosing a course of study, for discussing the various options, and for developing a suitable solution.


A decision is never finished outcome but a process whereby you explore the available options and then test, reject, adjust, or develop them in more detail.


Our work

  • serves our customers
  • conserves resources
  • ensures confidentiality, is free of charge
  • meets professional standards, and promotes independence


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We offer you free advice to clarify with you where you stand in your decision-making process and what can help you move forward.

Should you not be able to find your topic for a consultation, please check who is responsible for your request or contact us in our telephone consultation hour.

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