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Student Advisory Services

Personal Consultation

Topics for Personal Consultation

The following topics are suitable for discussion in a personal consultation:

  • Support in choosing a bachelor's degree program at UZH
  • Reorientation in case of a change of study program
  • Support in choosing a minor program
  • Reorientation in case of (possible) exclusion from UZH
  • Support in decision making about your study program
  • Plan B (e.g. alternative to medical studies)
  • Support in choosing a Master's program at UZH

Please note that we are unable to assess whether you meet the formal and academic admission requirements regarding the choice of a Master's study program.

Consultation format

We offer consultations on site, by phone or video conference. They last about 45 minutes, are free of charge and confidential.

In a counseling session, we would like to clarify with you at what point you are in your study choice process and what might help you move forward. We want to empower you to overcome any hurdles you may face in reorienting yourself and to take the next step.

We see you as an expert for your concerns and for your decisions. We accompany you in your decision-making process. Together we bring more clarity to your situation and find strategies for new perspectives.

Decisions are not a one-time event, but a process in which considerations are tried out, discarded, adapted and concretized. 

We work

  • open-minded
  • resource-oriented
  • confidential

To schedule an appointment, please contact us during our open telephone consultation.

The personal consultation take place here

Weiterführende Informationen

Preparation for a consultation

The questions in the preparation document (in German) provide initial food for thought and prepare you for an in-depth consultation with us. Please take a moment.