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Part-time study

What Is Part-Time Study?


A part-time study program means you enroll in fewer modules per semester than suggested in the program regulations for the standard or model curriculum. If you decide on an extended part-time study program, it makes good sense to include the overall workload carefully in your individual planning.


You can refer to the standard or model curriculum to get an overview and plan your studies:


  • Please note the module-specific aspects of the individual faculties (frequency in which modules are offered, previous and prerequisite modules, etc.).
  • A time limit at the assessment level may also apply.
  • Since studying part-time also means prolonging your studies, you will need to know what restrictions apply to the duration and for how long the ECTS credits of your program are valid. These vary and may be subject to different rules in cases where the major and minor programs span across multiple faculties.
  • If you receive a government stipend (cantonal, under the Federal Training Assistance Act, etc.), you may face consequences when extending your studies. It is therefore important to contact the relevant office (cantonal stipends office, Augsburg student services, etc.) for details in good time.


If you have any questions about these special aspect or about planning your part-time studies (enrolling in fewer module), please contact the advisory center of the faculty!


The full-time study program is the standard at Swiss universities and serves as basis for determining the standard period of study. The model and standard curricula are based on a minimum of 30 ECTS credits per semester in the full-time program. Students therefore generally assume a workload of 900 hours per semester. The workload at the Bachelor's level involves 180 ECTS credits, and full-time students generally complete it in three years. The workload at the Master's level involves 90 oder 120 ECTS credits (180 ECTS credits for human medicine and chiropractic medicine), and full-time students generally complete it in three to six semesters.

This information enables you to calculate how much time your studies will require per semester and how long your studies are likely to take.

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