Costs, Living, and Working

How Much Does it Cost to Study?


The costs of studying at a university break down into education costs and living costs. Because these vary greatly from person to person, the following section uses standard values.


Study and living costs of students (per month)

Living costs are a very individual matter, and the following information is therefore based on standard values:




Tuition and fees*


Course materials**


Rent, including heating


Extras (phone, internet, Billag)


Food / cafeteria


Health insurance***, insurance




Clothing, personal care


Leisure, pocket money


Taxes, AHV contributions



Students at the University of Zurich will need approximately  CHF 2,000 a month in total to cover the standard costs of living and studying.


* Non-Swiss students with a foreign university entrance qualification will need CHF 210 / month at the Bachelor’s level and CHF 145 / month at the Master’s level).

** Depending on the subject area

*** After deduction of the premium discount

Source: Student Financial Aid Office 


Education costs

Please find more information about the fees and contributions of UZH.


How Can I Find an Apartment?


UZH itself does not offer any housing facilities, but some of its offices offer support in helping students find an accommodation. The Housing Office provides a number of options for finding furnished or partially furnished rooms, apartments and houses in Zurich and the surrounding areas. 

How Can I Find a Job?


Career Services has its own job portal and provides an overview.Students can visit Career Services on the Job Portal (in German) to access a range of exciting entry-level jobs, traineeships and internships with which to further develop their qualifications.


You will find more information about job offers on the UZH Job Portal (in German) of the University’s Human Resources Office.


Students and graduates can also look for jobs while studying or training on the job platform (in German) or bulletin boards of UZH (Rämistrasse 62, Kiosk Rämistrasse 71, student shop at Irchel), as offered by the Central Office of the Student Body of the University of Zurich.


The virtual market place (in German) of UZH lists jobs and housing options, and it also has an exchange for furniture, books, and computers.