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Sitting In on Lectures

Why Sit In on Lectures?

If you are interested in studying at UZH and would like to gain a first-hand impression of a study program, then take the opportunity to sit in on a lecture. Sitting in on lectures is the perfect chance to:

  • Gain an impression of the course content
  • Experience student life
  • Talk with students and instructors
  • Learn more about choosing a study program
  • Find out if your chosen discipline and its study culture suits you.

How Do I Choose Lectures to Sit In on?


Attend with Friends: Perhaps you already know someone in your program of interest who can accompany you to a lecture? Your friends are sure to be able to recommend suitable lectures, and you will feel more at ease if you are in the company of a university student – or even a group of students.


Find a Buddy: If you don’t already know someone who can accompany you on campus, then ask the UZH project team to link you up with a buddy from your program of interest. The UZHGYM project team links prospective students with current students in various programs so that they can visit lectures together and discuss the demands and expectations of university life. 
More about the UZHGYM Project
Registration for Buddy Program


Ask the Advisory Centers or Student Organizations: If you can’t find a buddy for your preferred study program, you can always get in touch with the advisory centers of the faculties to ask which lectures might be suitable for you to sit in on. The various student organizations, which are run by students from the relevant study program, might also be able to help you find someone who can be your buddy.
Advisory centers of the faculties
List of student associations at UZH


Use the Course Catalogue: All lectures in the individual study programs are listed in the electronic course catalogue of the University of Zurich. Click on “Suche”, then on “Module” and enter your preferred study program in the first box (“Suche nach Titel, Beschreibung...”).
Course catalogue

Some Tips for Sitting In on Lectures

  • When choosing a lecture to sit in on, we recommend you select a lecture at the Bachelor's level. Introductory lectures are particularly useful for getting a feel for a study program. 
  • Check the website of the department/institute offering the study program and find out which modules need to be taken by new students. Choose the courses most suitable for you to sit in on. 
  • You shouldn’t choose the last day of the semester, because exams are often held then. 
  • You don’t have to register to sit in on lectures. If you would like to attend a seminar or a practical course (Übung), you should ask the instructor via e-mail in advance if you can attend the course on the desired date. The e-mail addresses are listed in the course catalogue if you click on the instructor’s name (not to be confused with the module coordinator).

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